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The Scalawag Scholar's Notes on Virginia 2012: A Skeptical Commentary on the Frauds and Fables of the Virginia Gentleman

By Larry Lamar Yates

$ 13.50

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The Scalawag Scholar’s Notes on Virginia illuminates the Frauds and Fables of Virginia -- stories of fine knightly men who act nobly and efficiently in every situation, while all those who differ with them act deplorably.

As a rebel against the white South – a scalawag – I share the fruits of years of observation and study, and what I have learned from almost 50 years of Virginia activism.

These pretty myths are the patter used by generations of con-men using the title “Virginia Gentleman” to distract us from their abuses. This book details these abuses, from inventing the white race to refining the business of slavery, from backing into a terrible civil war to trashing the soil they praise as sacred, and more.

On the positive side, you will also learn how others, the people he enslaved and those he claimed to love and idolize, principled white “Race Traitors” and the native residents, affirmed humanity despite him.

I have visited every region of Virginia as a tourist, as an expert organizer, and as a student of history and the natural world. There are hundreds of Virginians and hundreds of places in Virginia that I love and respect. I hope that these Notes will help us draw strength from the whole rainbow of Virginia strengths and values, not just self-serving Virginia traditions.

Bloodroot Cantons

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By Larry Lamar Yates

$ 6.25

In 1729, enslaved Africans made a well-planned, well-equipped flight from eastern Virginia to the Shenandoah Valley.
Their brave effort failed.

In this novel, Bloodroot Cantons, history takes a different turn. The escaped Africans temporarily ally with a Shawnee band to deter the pursuing slave-catchers. As their links deepen, the two communities create a refuge from the invading and enslaving British colonial power. Then, called by justice, good farmland, and dissatisfaction with increasingly ungodly Pennsylvania, a third group – Anabaptists and Quakers – joins them. A new hope arises in the Blue Ridge from these varied traditions – and from songs and dreams, and from the talents of women and men, young and old, mother and warrior, sage and craftswoman. Can ingenuity and patient sharing of wisdoms overcome with British military threat, and earn the Bloodroot Cantons their season in history?


Three Cases of Veiled Virginia History

By Larry Lamar Yates
$5 – $3 for PDF sent electronically


How History is Veiled

By Larry Lamar Yates
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Indoctrinating Its Young: Textbook Examples of The Veiling of Virginia History

By Larry Lamar Yates
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