Virginia African American History Resources

The Virginia Museum of Veiled History is not a Black History museum. But it could not exist without the long and arduous work of the Black History movement
and the great Black scholars.

We encourage everyone to visit local Black History museums and sites around Virginia. We particularly want to mention two in our general area, which folks may want to visit.

The Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County is an excellent resource, located in The Plains just off Interstate 66. It is more than a museum, but includes an excellent museum covering both general themes of African-American history and lots of details of Black life in Fauquier County over the years. The AAHA has been involved in activities into the Shenandoah Valley and other nearby places.
It's located at 4243 Loudoun Ave., The Plains.

The Josephine School Community Museum is in Berryville, just east of Winchester. This museum is generally open on Sundays from 1-5. It is located at 303 Josephine St. This street is an African-American community with roots going back to the end of slavery, and continues to be a strong community acting for its own benefit and to preserve its remarkable history. If you are in Berryville, go by and look at its historic markers even if the Museum isn't open.

Another resource that is not close to Winchester, but that I have respected and benefited from for many years, is the Elegba Folklore Society in Richmond.
I owe a lot to this organization and its founder, Janine Bell.

Take a look at these two web resources. Most of us have not visited the local Black History sites in our area – and this means that in a real sense we don't even know where we live.


This website, prepared by a private individual, is a good list of most of the major Black History sites in Virginia that can be visited and studied.


This is a listing of all kinds of sites related to African-American History in Virginia, a project by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. It's a very valuable site, but because it lists so many sites of different kinds, including those that offer little to the visitor, I recommend using it with the resource above.